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CBA Abacus have been building websites since 1996 and during that period have designed and built many different styles of web site all of which have reflected the owners specific requirements, preferences and operational nuances. Internet technology advances, and we ensure we keep abreast of all the latest developments. This allows us to create and build, or rebuild for our clients interesting web sites incorporating features previously unavailable.

We build modern professional looking sites, which incorporate fast easy navigation, unique and individual identity, and exude quality. Above all, a site to which visitors will return. It is important to us that site pages download fast and that images are trimmed and optimised correctly. We do this for our clients or teach them how to do it for themselves.

A web site requires a name, known as a domain name, and a place to reside referred to as the site host. We provide domain name registration and full hosting on fast servers as part of one of the packages we offer. Alternatively a client may select their own preferred host or set up on their existing host and transfer to ours later if they wish to update their site themselves.

With a domain name in place we will establish the clients own email address which will remain theirs for as long as they retain their domain name. e.g. enquiries@clientsname.com. This means that email arriving at this address will automatically be forwarded to the clients current email account wherever it be. e.g. client@aol.com

Once the site is built and has sufficient stock items on it to be of interest we publish for the world to see. At this point few people will know of the sites existence and fewer still will stumble across it. The way to get people to your site, assuming that you are not a "household name", is by having a good ranking with the search engines. All of our packages include search engine registration and regular "tweaking" to improve the ranking.

A web site is a living thing and requires attention to keep the search engines returning as well as site visitors. We provide two types of site; CBA Abacus updateded and client updated. The sites we maintain we look after everything including regular stock updates. With client maintained sites we support the server side of the operation (database etc,) and the client takes responsibility for updating their stock and information pages.

Web Site Packages
!. Budget Webite Client Updated

The budget website is designed for those who would like a fully functional dynamic web site which they can update themselves but with a minimum of information/static pages.

The site will comprise a Home Page, About Us Page, Contact Us Page plus up to four Stock Category Pages. Each Stock Category can contain an unlimited number of stock items Thumbnail images on the Stock Category Pages, when clicked on, will generate a Stock Item Detail Page containing an enlarged image, repeat description and additional information/provenance etc. The site will be designed and built in accordance with the clients preferences. Colour schemes, fonts, site navigation bar ( vertical or horizontal ) and overall appearance will all be the clients choice along with the option to have a key word search facility, a browser page marker, a pop up price guide and an email us facility on each page.

The price includes;

  • Website design and construction.
  • Purpose built site update templates.
  • Image file transfer software.
  • 1 day on site installation and training on updating the new web site.
  • First year maintenance and search engine submission.
  • 12 month’s telephone and email support

What is not included;

  • Image editing software, training and support. (£300 extra)
  • Static page editing software, installation and training (£375)
  • Additional information/static pages— currency converter, location map, how to buy, fairs and exhibitions/events, terms and conditions, guarantee and delivery etc. (£150 per page)
2. Standard CBA Abacus built and Maintained Site.
The site is built with full consultation and as much input as the client wishes to make, basic things such as colour schemes, site sections and navigation will reflect their particular choice. We expect most sites would include the following sections, areas, topics or statements: Home page, About Us, Contact details and location, Venues, Events & Exhibitions, How to Buy, Guarantees and Delivery, Terms and Conditions, Association memberships, Noteworthy articles and books. Links etc.
This package can be hosted with us or elsewhere, we should require access to server if it were to be hosted elsewhere.
3. Standard CBA Abacus Built and Client Maintained Site.
The site content is the same as for (1) with custom made templates created for the client to quickly and easily update their site. Set up and education is part of this package and covers advice on image capture, trimming and optimising.
4. Animated CBA Abacus Built and Maintained Site.
In addition to the contents of the Standard Site, features such as a "zoomable" site map with directions from any starting point, and a currency converter can be incorporated. Animation (with sound if required) is designed to give the site visitor a greater and more satisfying experience. There are a lot of very boring sites around!
5. Animated CBA Abacus Built and Client Maintained Site.
The site content is the same as for (3) with custom made templates created for the client to very quickly and easily update their site. Set up and education is part of this package and covers advice on image capture, trimming and optimising.

Smaller or Larger Projects
We are always happy to quote for smaller or larger projects. With any project a major part of the effort and therefore cost is in the creative and design stage of a site.

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