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Currently we have two software programs being fully supported:


The original DOS based program which has been updated regularly since 1994 and which has a substantial user base. This program will remain available although it is unlikely to be updated in the future. All of the functionality of this system is incorporated into ABACUS Windows.

ABACUS Windows

This is the long awaited Windows version of the highly successful ABACUS.
ABACUS Windows is a completely new program which has all of the functionality of ABACUS but with many new features incorporated. Like its predecessor it is designed to be simple to understand, easy and fast to master.

The system is based around the antiques dealers stock book. It provides the ability to track an item from purchase, through restoration to sale. It maintains a relational database of stock with or without images or contacts e.g. customers, events and expenditure. Information is entered once only, whether it be a new contact, an item of expenditure or a restoration. From this data the system will provide fundamental details regarding sales, expenditure, profitability in a host of pre defined reports, plus the statutory VAT return for the UK and State tax calculation for the USA.

It provides many search facilities, visual stock records with images, which of course can be printed, customer history, audit trail and bank reconciliation data.


  • At a glance stock book complete with images.
  • Fast, easy edit facility. New
  • User defined categories for each area of the system.
  • Duplicate/multiple purchases.
  • Caters for special scheme, global accounting, plus VAT, import VAT etc.
  • Unlimited notes/history per stock item. New
  • Stock labels
  • Customer name and address labels
  • Switchable on/off price code, on screen and reports New
  • Detailed on screen reports. NEW
  • Detailed on screen and printed reports. NEW PRESENTATION
    • Sales and Profitability Reports.
      • Sales and profitability between dates.
      • Sales invoice number listing.
      • Profitability by venue (fair/shop)
    • Purchases Reports.
      • Purchases between dates.
      • Purchases by stock number.
    • Stock Reports.
      • In stock by category.
      • In stock by description.
      • In stock at a date.
      • In stock by label description
    • VAT Reports.
      • VAT Summary
      • Stock purchases detailed.
      • Sales detailed and summarised by group.
      • Expenses detailed.
    • Account History.
    • Wants lists by customer.
    • Expense Reports.
      • General expenses.
      • Venue expenses.
      • Stock expenses.
    • Financial Reports.
      • Cheque (check) purchases.
      • Cheque (check) receipts.
      • Cash purchases.
      • Cash receipts.
      • Credit Card purchases.
      • Credit Card receipts.
      • Other purchases. (eg. Part exchange, shared purchase etc,)
      • Other receipts. (eg. installments, foreign currency etc.)
      • Debtors.
      • Creditors.
    • Individual screen can be printed. New


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